A huge majority of calls we receive are enquiring about artificial grass for pet use. I therefore thought i would take the time to answer some of our customers questions. In brief, its marvellous!



Can I Allow my Dogs on my artificial Lawn?

Yes! Royal Grass Lawns are adhere to all safety guidelines and contain no harmful chemicals. They have been expertly tested to make sure they are completely safe and are built with withstand heavy play.

Will any Urine Stain the Lawn?

No. Unlike natural grass, animal urine will not leave yellow patches in the grass, making sure you are a beautiful green lawn all year round.

Will I have any Bad Smells Build Up?

No. Our installation method means that when you lawn is laid it is completely permeable so any urine will simply wash away with the next rainfall. Unfortunately, we cannot take the job away of picking up animal faeces (if only!!) however, if you do notice a particularly messy area we do recommend that you take you hose pipe or watering can to this area, especially in the summer when there is less rain.

Will my Dogs be able to Dig Ip the Grass? 

No. Our grass is very stingily sewn into its base and so, even if they try, dogs will not be able to dig up the grass. If they are diggers we would recommend to have the edged of your artificial lawn securely fastened.

What Products do you Recommend for Gardens with Pets?

Royal Grass Silk 25 and Royal Grass Deluxe are perfect options for gardens with pets. They are built to withstand even the heaviest of play and so will last you a long time before flattening. Also, practically speaking, we find these to be the most effective as they are not too long and the fibres not too silky.

I hope you enjoyed reading and have gained some more information. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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