Artificial Grass is the perfect long term addition to any playground. Take a look below at the most frequently asked questions from schools.

What are the advantages to Artificial Grass compared to Natural Grass?

Artificial Grass is perfect for school use. It will stay looking perfectly green all year round with little maintenance which is not only a great selling point for prospective parents but will early make your school stand apart from others that have not invested. The main reason any school would have artificial grass is to benefit their children’s play and development. By having it installed you will immediately eliminate any mud being picked up in those areas whilst playing, any parents dream! It also drys a lot faster than natural grass allowing the children to use the area more frequently.

What areas can Artificial Grass be fitted to?

Artificial Grass can be fitted to most surfaces but the most common are grassed or tarmac areas. It is also great to lay in areas that previously are underused to be able to bring that back to life and really make the most the space within your school.

We recently completed a Nature Area that was previously just a mud bank enclosed with trees meaning nothing much would grow here. By adding Artificial Grass, which is cut around the base of the tree, and adding a path, small educational play equipment and insect boxes it has really made they previously redundant area a fun and educational section of the school that can be used all year round.

How quickly will Artificial Grass wear?

It honestly depends on the area it is being installed in. If it is being installed in grass verges and areas that are just for aesthetics it will last a lot longer than if it were laid in a playground that will have a very high footfall. Averagely, within a school. we would advise 10 years before you are looking at getting the grass replaced.

The grass will wear by the pile becoming flat and no longer standing on end.

How experiences are Wishaw Grass within Schools? 

Wishaw Grass has extensive experience within Schools and also have a section of the business who deal in play equipment and other safety surfacing which makes us the perfect choice as we are abel to view any playground with these things in mind. We are used to cutting around adhere to strict safety standards so will not leave any trip hazards. All our staff are DBS checked.

How much does Artificial Grass Cost? 

Artificial Grass within schools is an investment product. It is more expensive than natural grass but the advantages greatly outweigh the cost and you will save money in the long run with maintenance costs. If you are having the full sub base our grass goes from £50 p/m2, on Tarmac it is from £40 p/m2


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