Royal Grass Silk 35

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Royal Grass Silk 35 is our most popular artificial grass. The fullness of the fibres gives it an incredible soft feel and looks as natural a grass as you could get. With a 35mm pile height it is silky underfoot but still has synthetic brown moss giving it a more natural look.

It is made up of Fresh Green and Olive green fibres giving the effect of a mid summer lawn. Silk 35 is popular for family gardens due to the feel and natural look.

Please choose your roll width and then the number of rolls you require, each roll length is 1 metre.

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  • 35 mm tall grass blades
  • Very soft
  • Children and pets love it
  • Fitted with supporting mossy wire
  • Extremely suitable as a residential garden


Royal Grass Silk 35 is a turf with a soft and flexible artificial grass fiber. The height of the fibers is 35mm and as a result it looks perfectly natural. It’s softer than its closet product Royal Grass Silk 25, which makes it the perfect addition to any household who simply want to enjoy their garden with their family.

Our UV warranty quanrantees against discouloration or your lawn for many years. The amount of years depends on where you are located, but with an average of 8 years you can never go wrong! Ten Cate – the world’s largest producer in the artificial grass industry – is Royal Grass’s technological partner. Silk 35 is the result of intensive collaboration and both parties vouch for Silk 35 durability and recyclability. With Silk25 you choose for a durable, yet decently priced artificial lawn.



To make Royal Grass artificial grass look as natural as possible, we continuously study natural grass. Since 2005, we are the first and only artificial grass manufacturer to produce the ‘V-shape’, inspired by nature. This is a lengthwise fold in each grass fiber, just like real grass.

MiNT technology

Our latest development is Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT). We integrated the micro veins running length ways on grass fibers. To strongly reduce glare and make our artificial grass look as natural as possible!

The advantages of V-shape artificial grass fibers with MiNT technology

  • The ‘backbone’ and the ideal angle of the V-shape result in grass blades that stay as upright as possible and keep it upright for a longer time compared to flat artificial grass fibers.
  • Thanks to Micro Nerve Technology, the fiber has strongly reduced reflection, preventing the grass to have an ‘unrealistic and plastic look’.

These developments are patented, so no other artificial grass company can offer the same natural look with V-shape fiber and MiNT technology!

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