The Royal Grass Story

Royal Grass was founded in 2003 by Freek Verhoevan. After working with an artificial grass manufacture for many years in the USA he saw a gap in the market for high quality artificial grass aimed for private use. Most artificial grass at this time was developed for the sports industry and had to meet high performance requirements. Freek looked into developing a grass that mimicked that of natural grass with a natural green look and a soft feel to produce for people to use in their homes and businesses.

Freek wanted to create a durable, resilient grass that still looked natural and felt soft to the touch. His first development was the V – Shaped fibres. This is the same shaped fibres as real grass and he noticed that this shape best helped the fibres stand up and stay up. Royal Grass was born!

Since then Royal Grass has continued to grown and put money back into developing the grass and its technology setting itself apart from all the rest and as one of the market leaders. Royal Grass realise that it is a changing world and people have less time to spend on maintaining their lawn but still want a beautifully maintained garden to enjoy. We also know that people only want artificial grass that looks and feels natural.

Royal Grass have listened to their customers and developed softer, more durable fibres, more natural colours and in 2014 introduced heir Mint technology.

Why Choose Royal Grass

V-Shaped Fibres

Unique and patented V-Shape fibres are inspired from nature and Royal Grass are the only artificial grass company in the world to produce these fibres.

The V-Shape fibres result in fibres that stay as upright as possible and stay that way a lot longer than other brands of artificial grass. Even after intensive use the fibres are able to spring back up making Royal Grass products very durable.

Mint Technology

Micro Nerve Technology allows tin veins to be running lengthways down each fibre. Again patented Royal Grass are the only manufacturer int he world to use this technology with the V-Shape.

Mint technology takes away a lot of the shine that artificial grass can have making it more natural and reducing the plastic look.

 Take Inspiration from Nature

Natural Looking and Feeling Grass

Proven Quality and Reliability

8 year UV Warranty

No Harmful Materials or Chemicals

 Personal Aftercare Team

Safe for the Environment, Children and Animals

The Latest Technologies and Innovations

12 years Proven Experience