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Enjoy your garden every single day of the year with our Artificial Grass Lichfield service.

Your Ideal Home usually includes a beautiful garden that is enjoyed by the whole family. Considering what your average family lawn has to endure in its lifetime such as child play, pets, drought, snow and even being waterlogged! It takes a lot of hard work to keep your lawn looking at its best. Wishaw Landscapes have the perfect solution to eliminate the hard work. Artificial grass.

Our artificial grass Lichfield service is the perfect alternative to a natural lawn. Artificial grass banishes the need for any feeding, weeding or mowing. It creates a no fuss, great looking lawn all year around. Allowing you to simply enjoy your garden at any time of year. It is ideal for gardens, balconies, play areas, commercial areas or even architectural use.

Wishaw Landscapes have teamed up with Royal Grass® to provide our customers with the highest quality artificial grass on the market today. Thanks to breakthrough innovations Royal Grass® has changed the harsh, traditional artificial grass. Royal Grass is a more realistic one that will make an impact on any garden. If you live in and around Lichfield and want an Artificial lawn then our artificial grass Lichfield service is the perfect choice!

One of the pioneering innovations is the V-Shape of each grass fibre. Taken from our source of inspiration; nature. The V-Shaped fibres can only be found in Royal Grass® and aim to enhance the natural look, feel and movement of the grass. Order your free samples today and see for yourself.

Royal Grass® can replace areas where natural grass would struggle to grow including; shaded areas, waterlogged areas, clay soil and areas with trees.

Children love Royal Grass® just as much as their parents who no longer have to spend time tending to a damaged, overused lawn. They can instead enjoy watching their children running around, any time of year, for hours on end. No longer having to worry about cleaning muddy footprints in the house afterwards.

Artificial grass is a great alternative for people who love their garden but have simply lost the physical ability to tend to it. Instead of giving up on your garden or, spending money on regular lawn cuts, artificial grass will give you a great looking lawn all year round.

Benefits of artificial grass

  • Animals love the grass and so will you as any mess will simply need to be washed away.
  • Artificial grass will last between 8 to 15 years before it starts to flatten.
  • We can make the grass fit any garden design, large or small.
  • artificial grass will not loose its colour.
  • Pets can play to their hearts content without getting muddy or ruining the grass.
  • You never again need to feed, weed or mow your lawn.
  • Children will love to play on it.
  • Pet urine will not stain the grass.
  • artificial grass will look great in problem areas where grass would normally struggle to grow.
  • It only take a couple of days to install and can be used straight away.

More about Royal Grass

Royal Grass® offers a range of high-quality grasses that has been especially designed for landscaping and other private uses. Artificial grass of today looks real! An artificial lawn is a safe investment for years, without worry that you are getting bored. How can you get bored with a lawn that looks and feels so real? Besides this it has many benefits. An artificial lawn is easy to clean, requires little care and can be installed anywhere.

Artificial grass Lichfield Royal Grass exclusive

Royal Grass Exclusive

Artificial grass without thatch. It just looks like the real thing! A natural looking garden turf.

Artificial grass Lichfield Royal Grass velvet

Royal Grass Velvet

Artificial grass without thatch. For a soft artificial lawn yet very durable & suitable for intensive use.

Artificial grass Lichfield Royal Grass satin

Royal Grass Satin

Artificial grass with thatch. Fills in the demand for a thick and soft garden turf with a realistic look.

Artificial grass Lichfield Royal Grass silk 25

Royal Grass Silk25

Artificial grass with thatch. Affordable artificial grass, ideal for balcony, terrace or decoration.

Artificial grass Lichfield Royal Grass silk 35

Royal Grass Silk35

Artificial grass with thatch. Lovely soft artificial turf for various application in and outside your home.

Artificial grass Lichfield Royal Grass delite

Royal Grass Delite

Artificial grass with thatch. Premium artificial turf system with a sparkling green colour.

Artificial grass Lichfield Royal Grass ecosense

Royal Grass EcoSense

Artificial grass with thatch. Soft, silky feel of the grass combined with an eco-friendly production method.

Artificial grass Lichfield Royal Grass elite

Royal Grass Elite

Artificial grass with thatch. Premium artificial turf system with a slightly wilder look.

What Our Clients Say About our Artificial Grass Lichfield services

Find out why our customers love our Artificial Grass Services

I was once a very keen gardener and loved nothing more than mowing my lawn but illness decided that wasn’t to be any more

As much as I loved a natural lawn – it wasn’t fee-sable either financially of physically to have natural grass any longer. Dejected, I called Wishaw Landscapes. I can honestly say that once the lawn was fitted and I could see the quality of the grass – I felt great. I now have a great looking, stress free lawn!

David Green

Garden - Artificial Grass Lichfield

We don’t have a very large back garden and it was originally all paved. Our thoughts were that it was too small to have grass.

The area is so small that we would be hard pressed to use a lawn mower BUT we WANTED grass!! That’s when we looked into artificial grass and originally discovered the Royal Grass website. Wishaw Grass are officially recommended and we can see why! Great job all round!

Lisa Hewitt

Garden - Artificial Grass Lichfield

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